22 May 2023

1. General Situation:

Brunei Darussalam is currently towards the end of the inter-monsoon period, where local wind effects play an important role in governing our daily weather. Our country is expected to shift from inter-monsoon phase to Southwest Monsoon around the final week of May.

As of 11.00 am local time today (22nd May 2023), Typhoon MAWAR was observed at coordinates 9.4°N 147.6°E, at the Western Pacific Ocean, approximately 3600 km away from Brunei Darussalam (Figure 1). Typhoon MAWAR is forecasted to move Northwestwards this week.

Figure 1

2. Brunei Darussalam Weather Situation:

Typhoon MAWAR is expected to influence our country’s weather and will cause active and unsettled weather conditions starting today until Saturday, 27th May 2023. Showers or thundershowers with occasional gusty winds are expected with wind gusting could reach up to 50 km/h over land areas and up to 60 km/h at sea during or near the crossing of heavy showers.

Meanwhile over Brunei waters, generally sea condition is at slight state, between 0.4 m to 1.0 m.

3. Our Advice:

Members of the public are advised to take precautionary actions with respect to the forecasted active weather condition. There is high risk of fallen trees and possibly landslides to occur during gusty and heavy showers conditions.

Risk of flash floods may also occur especially at the low-lying and flood prone areas as well as near the riverbanks during continuous heavy rain and also during high tide.

Public, road users and fishermen are advised to always be up to date with the latest weather forecast, advisory and warning issued by Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department, and to take necessary actions to ensure safety.

We shall continue to monitor the weather conditions and will issue weather advisories or warnings if necessary. Latest weather information, advisories and warnings can be accessed easily through our mobile app, Brunei WX, as these weather information, advisories and warnings can be received immediately after they are issued. Latest weather information can also be obtained by contacting the duty meteorological forecaster at our Forecast Centre, through our Weather Line 114, by visiting our website at or follow our Facebook (@bruneiweather), Instagram
( and our Telegram Channel (Brunei Weather).

Wallahu a’lam Bissawab.