Clarification With Regards to Viral Information on Typhoon ‘MANGKUT’ and Weather Situation Update for Brunei Darussalam

16 Sep 2020

Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department would like to clarify regarding the viral information on Typhoon ‘Mangkut’ that is being spread in the social media. In that regard, we would like to notify that currently there is no Typhoon identified across our region. The Typhoon ‘Mangkut’ that has been viraled in the sosial media had actually occurred in September 2018.

However, there is a Tropical Storm named ‘Noul’ currently located at 13.0°N 118.5°E (as of 2.00 am local time on 16 September 2020) which is approximately 933 km from Brunei Darussalam and is expected to move to the northern part of South China Sea, away from Brunei Darussalam.

This Tropical Storm is expected to indirectly influence our weather situation causing unsettled weather conditions with occasional gusty heavy showers especially at sea areas. Wind gust is expected to increase of up to 50 km/h with sea state reaching to Rough state of up to 2.5m during or near gusty showers.

Therefore, we would like to advise the general public, especially motorists and mariners to take necessary precautionary actions to ensure safety, especially during the expected unsettled weather conditions.

We shall continue to monitor on the development of the Tropical Storm and will issue appropriate weather advisory or warnings if and when necessary. We also would like to advise the public to keep updated with the latest weather information either by contacting our duty Meteorological Forecaster at Forecast Centre through our Weather Line 114 or visiting our website at or follow our Facebook account (bruneiweather), Instagram (@bruneiweather) and Brunei WX mobile application.

We would also like to advise the public not to be easily deceived and believe with information that has been circulated through sosial media without first confirming its validity. Additionally, Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department kindly request the public that receives any viral messages to stop spreading them as they may cause unnecessary panic.

Wallahualam Bissawab.